The Letter Lady Travels


The Letter Lady considers herself a global citizen. She came to the US at a very young age and after finding out she could not be president, knew she was destined to be a citizen of the world. She could not imagine living and working in only one place her entire life and knew she wanted to see as much of the planet as possible. The Letter Lady travels for work, vacation, or just because. She LOVES culture and meeting and interacting with people from all over the world. She been to 20 countries and counting, taken thousands of pictures, and had many musings.  


In the good ole US of A, she has been to half of the 50 states and plans to make it to all of them (well maybe not Mississippi or Alabama), she'll see. This section of will regale you with the awesomeness of travel, experiencing new cultures, and being in new environments. The pictures of the countries are ordered in sequence the Letter Lady visited. She plans to add stories to each picture over time, however to kick off the travel chronicles click on the picture of Guyana. Before returning to her homeland for the first time in 2004, the Letter Lady had only gone to Canada as a child and England for work.Going to Guyana started her travels in earnest and thus she penned her first annual newsletter about the trip.