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linguistic loving for the masses
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Who is the Letter Lady?


  • The Letter Lady is your conduit to expressing your feelings.

  • You have something you want to say, but are not sure how.

  • You need ideas but are stuck and don't have an eye for design.

  • ​The Letter Lady provides Linguistic Loving for the Masses, with a creative touch.


Why choose The Letter Lady?


The Letter Lady has written and created so much content for so many people (and organizations) over the years, she made it her official side gig. While continuing to write, edit, and create on her day job, the Letter Lady is skilled at getting to the heart of what you mean and want to convey (if you have a solid of idea of what you want to say). The Letter Lady needs to have a conversation with you to bless you with linguistic loving. The only way she can give you what you need, is to hear your words and understand what you want. Let the Letter Lady help you find your voice.

Professional Communication

Have a business communication that is driving you crazy, but you need to get it right? English may not be your mother tongue or you might just need some help with objective wording. Let the Letter Lady wordsmith your worries away with document creation, review, and editing.

Love Letters &

Thank You Notes

Is it hard for you to tell loved ones how much you care or to express sincere thanks? If you can't find the right words to express your gratitude, don't worry, the Letter Lady has your back. She knows how to make your people feel loved and appreciated. Go ahead and brighten someone's day!

Torch a Bridge

You didn't start the fire. I know you tried to fight it, though you didn't light it, but at some point you realized the bridge had to burn. If you are not seeking any water and are prepared to watch the blaze, let the Letter Lady add some fuel to the fire.

Fight the Power

The man got you down? Let the Letter Lady help you give as well as you received, with a strongly worded letter!


Do you need to give a toast at a wedding or speak at an event, but can't find the right words to express your thougts? The Letter Lady can help.

The Letter Lady Pricing


If the Letter Lady did not need to eat and keep a roof over her head, she would actually write love letters for free, but alas she has to pay back the student loan man (soooo much more than she borrowed). Love letters warm her heart and cost a low flat rate of $15 USD. Other letters are more complicated!

  • If you want a regular letter, such as fight the power or a speech, expect to spend between $50-$150.

  • Help with a cover letter, medical school statement, or other academic statement costs between $150-$300.

  • Resumes cost between $250-$350 USD.

A non-refundable consultation fee of $25 is required (unless you are getting a $15 love letter)! Should you proceed with her services, the consultation fee will be deducted from your total costs. At least half (50%) of your total costs are due before you are blessed with linguistic loving. Should you decide you do not want Letter Lady services, the student loan man is still thankful for your consultation fee. Email to schedule a consultation or have a love letter written.

*Consultation Fee*



Your thoughts and feelings, as valid as they may be, will have repercussions. The Letter Lady is not psychic and does not know if those repercussions will be positive or negative. Your mama may give you an old school whooping for back chatting her and the man may be waiting with the smack down, per his usual protocol. Though she will definitely bring that linguistic loving on, and may be able to get you real results for your real problems, the Letter Lady is not liable for any consequences related to your letter, especially the negative ones!